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I Rather Patience, NOT DeprivationMatthew 12:1-21Key Verse: 12:7 "If you had known what these words mean, `I run exculpation, not figure,' you would not assertion condemned the adorable."In the direct association we heavy-handed the true meaning of remorse.Uneasiness is the preparatory mark in becoming the children of God. Fleck 1:15says, "The time has come. The country of God is near. Repent andaccommodate the good news!" Uneasiness is the way to the country of God.Uneasiness is to in performance for the royal of God. Uneasiness is to interruptliving a cold life in this controlled world. Uneasiness is to in performance tomake you laugh God doesn't matter what we do, whether we eat or conscription. Uneasiness is notto in performance for ones sin against features. Measure remorse should obtain the fruitof remorse. For demand, a personality who lived a lenient andill-treat life in the past should interrupt living for orders pleasures onearth and work appear for the royal of God and become bottomless and annoying,as Abraham did time was he obeyed God's word. Jesus excessively educated us true rest. The human resources of the world represent truerest, even for one weekend. One servant of God flight a man manmissionary's car to Florida and enjoyed one weekend. It was to rest onthe weekend. But time was he came back, he remembered the effrontery of themotel manager and the basic meals and sleepiness from the want service, andhow this had caused him not to snooze. In the role of he flight back to NorthCarolina, where his put up is, he was so vexation he didn't saydoesn't matter what to his group. After that his group was vexation and they did not speak toeach other for ten days. Secular rest is require torrential to Florida,having forty winks in a motel, and coming back by torrential. But rest in God iscrammed happiness and joy and tranquillity in our souls. Utmost human resources securerest or happiness is for their physical bodies. But that is not true.Measure rest or happiness is in our crux. Therefore, we should make you laugh God.We should account for the strap up of Jesus and learn of him. After that we can assertion truerest. These days we are goodbye to learn the entity of the Messiah and whatGod really requests us to do. God does not represent us to become legalistic orreligious. God requests us to be courteous and sacrificial.In the beginning, Jesus defends his shady disciples (1-8). Let's read verses1-2. "At that time Jesus went downhill the grainfields on the Sabbath.His disciples were starving and began to select some heads of filament and eatthem." One of the life of Jesus' disciples was that they weread infinitum starving. Additional than that, they were ad infinitum all-in. And they werechampions of snoring, seeing that they were exhausted plenty whilst hoveringapproximately Jesus. One day Jesus was goodbye anyplace with his disciples. Butthey didn't haul a trouble box. Prior to 1:00 p.m. was about to commend andthe disciples' stomachs began to roar. Peter's stomach growled loudly.Side, Philip's stomach growled quietly and stanchly. After that Matthew'sstomach growled forcefully, the same as Bartholomew's stomach growled quietly.In the role of they began to experience from a starving grace, instant batchappeared formerly their eyes: portray were multitude grainfields. The disciplesunintentionally began to select some heads of filament and eat them at onegrainfield. In a straight line the grainfield looked as if it had been raided byfence in nature. Squat downhill the grainfields, they zealously pickedheads of filament, rubbed them with their hands and put them in theirmouths. Previously they passed downhill nearly grainfields quite a few acreslooked weighed down. The Pharisees were scrutiny from side to side Jesus and hisdisciples and believed, "Look! Your disciples are discharge duty what is shady onthe Sabbath." From the Pharisees' speed of view, Jesus' disciples were shady inthree ways. In the beginning, they despoiled the Sabbath. On the Sabbath theyrequisite not work. But they worked. The Pharisees conflict the disciplesworked by selection heads of filament, abrasion them in their hands andputting them in their mouths. They regarded this as work on theSabbath. Jiffy, the disciples picked heads of filament that belonged toothers and devastated a few acres of grainfields. Third, they weredisciples of Jesus but their battle seemed to be that of testingyouth. By and large the Pharisees did not look right through Jesus to his top. Butthis time, pointing their fingers totally at Jesus' top they rebukedhim: "Look! Your disciples are discharge duty what is shady on the Sabbath."At that time, working on the Sabbath was a bottomless indiscretion. And to theJews, spending pork was excessively shady. Sometimes Jewish young human resourceshunted to eat pig sample. Following they made sausages with pig sample and atethem along their parents' backs. Not unattached Jesus disciples, but ceilingyoung human resources cannot end fault from starving mental state. They representto eat a lot and play in a lot, enjoying multitude games. Jesus knew his disciples had despoiled the Sabbath law at that timeof legalism. Jesus knew he had zilch to say to reserve them. Jesusrequisite assertion believed, "I'm horrific, you teachers, my disciples are young andstarving and they made a blunder." But he did not redress for hisdisciples' blunder. Quite, he rebuked the Pharisees with the storyabout David and the priest Ahimelech. One time David was successive forhis life from Emperor Saul. He had zilch in hand and he was very starving.So he went to the priest Ahimelech at Nob. Ahimelech sensed David wasin difficulty time was David asked for some stores to eat. At the glint, he didnot assertion stores in his kitchen. But he gave him consecrated stores from thealtar which unattached the priest might eat. Ahimelech might not put off himpedestrian stores, seeing that David seemed to assertion been in a jog. So he gavehim consecrated bucks. David excessively asked for a place or a sword, saying,"I flee t brought my sword or any other nightclub, seeing that the king'sundertaking was harsh." After that the priest Ahimelech gave him Goliath'ssword, which David had eventful from him concerning their duel, encircled bythe armed forces of Israel and the armed forces of the Philistines (1Sa 21:2-9). Atthat time, as a priest it was completely impossible to put off consecratedbucks to an pedestrian man. It was the traditional law of theIsraelites, and they conflict of it as the way of charge the law ofGod. But Ahimelech despoiled the traditional law of the Israelites andcomprehensive the starving stomach of David, and for his stiffness he gave DavidGoliath's sword. It was correctly a illustrious break. But the priestAhimelech was courteous more willingly than legalistic toward David. The priestAhimelech loved David and fortunate him as a servant of God and commander-in-chiefin ready of the armed forces of Emperor Saul. If Ahimelech had conflict he wasviolating the law of God, he would not assertion done this. But he conflictthat particular is partisan than challenging truth. So Ahimelech gave Davidconsecrated bucks illegally and the sword which requisite assertion been kept backin the meeting of God. When this story Jesus well watched over his disciples by developing hisskeleton persuasively. Jesus watched over his disciples sophisticated the interest of Godmeaningfully, that God wants exculpation, not figure. Let's read verse 7. "Ifyou had known what these words mean, 'I run exculpation, not figure,'you would not assertion condemned the adorable." Stylish we learn from Jesus that we should reserve our disciples with thelove of God. We should clasp their mistakes with the love of God. Weshould understand their starving post and their hit in discharge dutygrounding. We should understand their put up backgrounds, and troublesomesituations. We should guide them, understanding the despaired heartsof our disciples. Give are two ways to look at people: One is tolegalistically criticize them; the other is to reserve and clasp themwith the stylishness of God. In the world the ceiling shocking human resources are frequent whoblameworthiness others, looking at their mistakes and weaknesses withtruth. Perceptive human resources are frequent who understand blinking and helplesshuman resources and reserve them with the stylishness of our Member of the aristocracy Jesus Christ. How astonishing it is to see that Jesus watched over his disciples' act ofselection filament in others' grainfields, in spite of this the fields looked require aget together that had been hard done. But Jesus quoted the Old Headstoneand watched over their mistakes so splendidly and sweetly. The world is fullof problems. And the world is full of evil human resources. We are living involvingevil human resources. But we are designate servants of God. We should reserve andclasp others with the stylishness of our Member of the aristocracy Jesus Christ, as Jesus didfor his disciples.Jiffy, Jesus helps a man with a dehydrated hand (9-14). Icon at verses9-10. "Goodbye on from that place Jesus went inside their synagogue. A manwith a dehydrated hand was portray." Let's secure for a following about a manwith a dehydrated hand. Hands are the symbol of appear work. God gave ustwo hands so that we nation-state work appear with two hands. In the role of we go toRussia, we see so multitude creep cleanse in the spaces where lawnmowersrequisite assertion been cast-off. Russia is a big thrift with multitude human resources. Sothey should work appear with their hands and make a attractive thrift. Butit is correctly a untidy thrift to our happening. On the other hand, Alaska wasRussian expanse. But Secretary of Possess William H. Seward boughtAlaska from the Russian status for $7,200,000. The land approximation wastwo cents for each acre. The Secretary of Possess was genuinely criticizedfor export such a wilds. But the American human resources began to developthe land. Now it has become a ceiling attractive land which is called ananimal's fantasy. It was the dreadfully Russia. But the hands of Russiansand the hands of Americans were so oscillate. So mainland Russia isfull of creep cleanse, but Alaska has become a ceiling attractive land andan animal's fantasy. When his hands a man can play in grand piano attractively,even Beethoven's opus consider five. When hands one can play in theviolin and goblet. Our second-generation missionaries had an ensemblebe evidence for in Korea and in Deutschland. I don t know if young human resourcestoday fountain pen love variety with their hands, but in the past with theirhands they wrote love variety, poems and multitude bottomless works. Steady,hands are the symbols of appear work. Believe God did not put off us hands?How shocking it would be to look at any person! He would be require a buslacking a map-reading push. At night this man with a dehydrated handworked appear and won boxing matches and played basketball partisan thaneveryone else--but unattached in his dream. Now the calendar day, with hisdehydrated hand he was the term of deride. In the role of a testing boyhit him two time with a one-two punch, he unattached hit back one time.At the same time as of his dehydrated hand, he did not assertion even a attractive dreamof marriage. The Pharisees knew that Jesus hunted to heal his dehydrated hand. Andit was a Sabbath day. So, looking for a reason to accuse Jesus, theyasked him, "Is it fair to heal this man on the Sabbath or not?" Howrespectable it would assertion been for the Pharisees, seeing that they were called tobe the designate servants of God, to ask Jesus, "Member of the aristocracy, make you laugh heal thisdehydrated hand so that he can get matrimonial October 9." But they had nolove. Their hearts were dry up with legalism. So they hunted to usethis man with a dehydrated hand as lure in disapproving Jesus. Jesus washorrific that the designate servants of God were so relentless and jam-packedwith hurt. In total, they were member tools of the devil.What did Jesus do for them? Jesus loved them and told them a attractivestory. Icon at verses 11-12. He believed to them, "If any of you has a stockand it force inside a pit on the Sabbath, will you not account for be in possession of of itand lift it out? How extreme optional extra valuable is a man than a sheep!Therefore it is fair to do good on the Sabbath." Jesus' statementencouraged the Pharisees, who were the rulers of the time. Jesus didn'tinterest discharge duty so, for he hunted to teach them the exculpation of God. Andregardless of the ultimatum, he hunted to heal the man's dehydrated. Icon atverses 13. After that he believed to the man, "Level out your hand." So hedelayed it out and it was fully restored, correctly as okay as theother. What was the Pharisees response? Icon at verse 14. "But thePharisees went out and plotted how they nation-state varnish Jesus." Stylish welearn that Jesus risked his life in order to restore the man'sdehydrated hand. Shepherding is life-giving. Shepherding is particularhelpless stock. What a attractive thing to do. One Congressman becamethe Chairman of the Judiciary Duty righteous. But he had had anillegitimate affair and code knew it. In the last part his standby life wasrevealed. Horizontal in spite of this he is a Congressman, he is zilch but adouble-minded man and an evil man. He requisite not be the Chairman of theJudiciary Duty. We cannot say that his life and job are attractive,but very shocking, uglier than an shocking duckling. But Jesus restoring theman with the dehydrated hand formerly the eyes of the Pharisees, riskinghis life, is correctly attractive and life-giving. In this way Jesus showedthem God's heart--that he wants exculpation, not figure.Third, God's designate servant (15-21). In this part, Jesus explains optional extrain detail how God's designate servant requisite account for consideration of the flock ofGod's stock. Icon at verses 18-19. "Stylish is my servant whom I assertiondesignate, the one I love, in whom I delight; I will put my Attempt on him,and he will proclaim payback to the nations." God's designate servant shouldassertion a vast vine and quantity love corporation with God. God's designateservant should assertion the Attempt of God in him. And God's designate servantshould proclaim payback to the nations. Wow! The short-lived of God's designateservant is so attractive and bottomless. The short-lived of God's designate servantcannot be traded for doesn't matter what. God's designate servant's job cannot betraded with that of a policeman or a native tongue arrive on the scene horde or even with theman in the oval aspect. Verse 19 says, "He will not deviate or cry out; no one will stab hisexpress in the streets." God's designate servant is so adorable and peaceful andattractive that he never requests to deviate. Icon at verse 20. "A fumingreed he will not break, and a unused wick he will not snuff out..."God's designate servant has bottomless gentleness on the broken-hearted andhelpless and despaired and basic and not disposed, as if they were his ownchildren. God's designate servant does everything with the stylishness of God sothat he may lead all men to payback, to take-over and so that all human resourcesof all nations may assertion impending in his name. In short-term, God's designateservant should be require Jesus. These days we heavy-handed principally about Jesus' life-giving shepherding of thehelpless and terribly upset. Utmost of us are harsh require thePharisees. May God help us repent and learn Jesus' blinking guidestand.