Friday, 31 August 2012

Are All Pagans Liberals

Are All Pagans Liberals
As the 2012 Presidential race heats up, there has been a great divide among the people here in the US in regards to liberal versus conservative. I've had a lot of non-pagans ask me where do pagans in general stand on political issues.

That's really a tough question. Like any group of people, there's a great diversity of views and opinions. There are some that simply narrow the scope of their views to just what impacts them directly, while others ponder the political actions impact on the Universal Conscience.

Many pagans do support environmental initiatives to protect this planet we call home. Many Wiccans, like myself, feel Goddess and God energy in everything from rocks and trees, to squirrels and mosquitoes. Most Wiccans believe that divine energy exist within us as well, so that in and of itself connects us to everything and is the source of our magical power to manifest change in the physical/material plane of existence.

As many pagans work in groups, they understand the bonding that occurs with each member of their group contributing to the ritual or magical work at hand, so there can be a social element to their politics. Because everyone working together and helping one another only strengthens the group.

So in many ways, most Wiccans/Pagans are liberal leaning in a sense.

I do however have a very different conservative view. Although I may participate in group initiatives from time to time, I'm constantly aware that my choices to participate in those actions are my direct responsibility and do not belong to the entire group. I also believe that the more I put into my actions, the more I will receive from them. I cannot sit back in a ritual and do literally nothing and take credit for anything the group accomplishes.

Also, I feel that the US government seeks to restricts what we can say and do with our lives. Divinity breathed the life into this body of mine and gave me the free will to do as I choose with it and forge my own path. Who in the hell does a lying politician getting paid off by a bunch of large big business interests think he is to tell me what I can or cannot do with what my Goddess and God have given me so long as I'm not infringing on the rights and liberties of other citizens and I'm not harming anyone?

So I tend to lean more towards an ultra conservative view of politics and of life in general. If you put half efforts into your magic or your work, you will end up with poor results. But if you really dig deep and put everything you have within you and all your power, will and strength, you can achieve great and powerful things that defy the laws of the Universe as science recognizes them today. Your spiritual power through faith does have the power to change the physical and as you work towards those goals you have established and reinforced them through magical practices and faith in the divine Goddess energy that exists in everything, you can change the course of the river of your life that has been carrying you thus far into murky swamps. You can then see the beautiful sunrises on the oceans as the nature does its dance just for you because you have taken personal responsibility to find balance and harmony with Nature itself.

It's kind of difficult to achieve those results when one of your group members is thinking about how long that ritual is taking and how much they want to go back home to play their X-Box.