Monday, 15 January 2007

World Oldest Man Is A Buddhist Monk

World Oldest Man Is A Buddhist Monk Image
Mail Foreign Service (9/17/09) Revered: The abbot (in orange) has many followers who believe his advanced age makes him particularly wise (


Buddhist monk Luang Phu Supha celebrates his 115th birthday today, although his claim has not yet been verified. He was born when Queen Victoria was on the British throne. But whether Luang Phu Supha is really the world's oldest man remains open to debate. The Buddhist monk claims to be celebrating his 115th birthday today at a temple in Phuket [poo-kit], Thailand.

He is certainly likely to provide some hot competition for American Walter Bruening, 113, who has also laid claim to the coveted title. Luang Phu Supha's birth was only registered two years after he was born and the certificate reads September 17, 1896.

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